Algolia Deep Dive Demo

Ready to see Algolia in action? Watch our deep dive demo video below to discover how to tailor search results to maximize click-through and conversion rates.

This video will cover some of our key features including :

  1. UX: real-time search results (at every letter!), federated search (so you can display results from different categories) and facet search experience to offer your customers the possibility to deep dive in categories
  2. Analytics : access a powerful analytics dashboard to make the right decisions for your business
  3. Query rule : customize your search results based on your analytics results
  4. Algolia Ranking Formula with customization options to pick your own searchable attributes
  5. A/B testing : try out different versions of your ranking formula to see what brings more revenue
  6. Query suggestions : facilitate the search to your customers (and increase your revenue) with specific suggestions based on analytics, trends and your merchandising strategy
  7. Personalization : personalize every aspects of our product to perfectly fit your business needs

And if you are interested in seeing what else is under the hood, you can request a free, personalized demo with our dedicated team.

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Overview: how to use Algolia

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