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Voice applications for Alexa and Google Assistant

Yours for free, the first 3 chapters of Manning's "Voice Applications for Alexa and Google Assistant"  book written by Algolia's voice guru, Dustin Coates. 

The book is your guide to designing, building, and implementing voice-based applications for Alexa and Google Assistant. Inside, you'll learn how to build your own "skills" (the voice app term for actions the device can perform) from scratch. 

Chapter 1 covers: 

  • Understanding voice first
  • Designing for voice
  • Picturing how computers listen to speech
  • Understanding how computers speak

Chapter 2 covers: 

  • Building with the Alexa Skills Kit SDK for Node.js
  • Becoming acquainted with serverless platforms, including AWS Lambda
  • Building a call-and-response skill
  • Handling intents
  • Communicating with voice

Chapter 3 covers: 

  • Understanding the voice user interface
  • Seeing how VUI differ from graphical user interfaces
  • Learning how to use Grice’s maxims to shape a VUI
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