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2021 tech innovations for Ecommerce by DC360 & Algolia

From headless-based approach to AI, get valuable insights on how to increase your ecommerce KPIs while using fewer resources and make your customers happier.

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If you’re looking for insights on how to increase your e-commerce KPIs with fewer resources, and to come away with happier customers, you’ll find this report valuable.

Learn how: 

  • a headless-based platform is the new go-to solution for retailers to easily customize their site and create a better user experience (don’t get held back by a rigid infrastructure!) 
  • AI can help lift conversions, aid customer service teams, and offer more relevant product recommendations
  • online merchants are upping their video strategy to offer a more interactive way to communicate with customers (from how-to videos to livestream shopping and virtual appointments) 
  • offering your customers the possibility to pay later is the new best way to increase average order value and conversion rates