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Live Coding Session - Integrate search into your Commerce.js store in 30 min

Implementing search on an ecommerce site can be trickier than it sounds. Between knowing what to sync, how to combine data and achieving the most efficient front-end interface for your users, it can take a while before achieving a great website.

In 30 minutes, Guy Marriott, engineer at Chec/Commerce.js, and Matthew Foyle, demo engineering manager at Algolia  will demonstrate the following:

  • Take an existing Commerce.js storefront
  • Set up a data pipeline so that the product catalogue is synchronized with Algolia in real time using serverless functions
  • Set up best in retail search configuration
  • And finally, integrate into the existing frontend, in order to achieve a great commerce experience for an end user

To learn even more , feel free to check our developer hub or contact us