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Ecommerce site search trends 2021: 900 retailers share their successes

Based on findings from our survey of 900 retailers, see how they are handling surges in demand.

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We surveyed 900 retailers to understand how they handle surges in demand (Black Friday), as well as how they have adopted a headless architecture, artificial intelligence, personalization, and more. Digital commerce has seen 10 years of growth in a matter of months. From the wealth of information we surface in this report, discover how your business can modernize, stay relevant, and benefit from an investment in search.

In this report you will learn:

  • What successful retailers adopt to rise above their competition
  • How retailers prepare for surges in demand (Black Friday)
  • Why adopting a headless architecture, going API-first is an advantage
  • How top businesses adopt artificial intelligence (AI) and personalization
  • The value, conversion gains, and ROI of modern digital commerce search