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Is ChatGPT the new site search in B2B eCommerce?

We’ve been amazed by the range of ways B2B eCommerce practitioners have used ChatGPT to improve their product data, write marketing copy, scale content creation and on and on and on. But in discussions with B2B eCommerce leaders, we’ve heard one question about ChatGPT come up over and over: Will ChatGPT replace site search?

In this discussion, we’ll explore this question and dig into whether the way customers use site search will look completely different in the next year.

  • What are customer expectations around ChatGPT-like functionality on eCommerce sites?
  • What are the pitfalls of using ChatGPT to replace site search?
  • Can ChatGPT replace site search altogether?
  • Are there ways for ChatGPT to improve site search, rather than replace it?