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Algolia and LegalZoom: Using migration as an opportunity to re-think search

For LegalZoom, search has always been core to their user experience. With over 200 legal solutions, LegalZoom can’t feature everything on their home page, so users rely on their search function to find most of the content they’re looking for.

When LegalZoom’s previous search and discovery platform shut down, they chose Algolia as the replacement. But during the migration process, LegalZoom realized implementing a new search and discovery platform wasn’t the only thing they needed to do. They also needed to rethink how search could drive results for their business.

Watch our webinar to learn:

  • Why LegalZoom chose Algolia over the rest of the competition
  • How LegalZoom transformed their search and discovery experience into a revenue-generating machine
  • How LegalZoom plans to keep enhancing their search and discovery experience with Algolia