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Breaking down content silos with federated search

Customer service software company Zendesk helps organizations create online help centers for their employees and customers. The company used the software themselves to build internal help centers for their own business, too.

However, before using Algolia, Zendesk employees couldn’t search for the content in all of their own help centers at once. The only way they could find what they were looking for was to search inside each of them separately. Needless to say, they desperately needed to consolidate their help desks in one place and make them searchable. Fortunately, Algolia was there to help.

Watch our webinar to:

  • Watch a live demo of Zendesk’s revamped search experience on their internal help center page

  • Learn how Zendesk implemented Algolia on their internal help center page

  • See how they leveraged user feedback and Algolia’s Analytics Dashboard to fine-tune results rankings and relevancy