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The B2B future shopper report 2021

Exclusive survey from B2B e-commerce managers from all over the world covering all questions about the B2B purchasing journey post pandemic.

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Today, 90% of buyers expect a similar shopping experience on a B2B site as they do on a B2C website but 60% of global B2B buyers say the load speed of B2B sites is way too slow

Access the 2021 edition of Wunderman Thompson Commerce’s B2B Future Shopper report, gathering feedback from more than a thousand purchase managers, agents and C-level executives from different industries across US, UK and China. 

Get your questions answered at every stage of the B2B purchasing journey and learn more about: 
- The new B2B shopping habits post pandemic 
- The challenges of building an omni-channel B2B ecommerce experience
- The new relationship between B2B and B2C sites  

Feel free to come and ask us any questions after your reading.