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Growing through sharing - Engineering Managers & Co-development - Lyline Lim, Algolia

This video was recorded during our TechLunch #32 - Engineering Management on January 22nd, 2020 at Algolia's Paris office.

• Lyline Lim, Engineering Program Manager, Algolia "Growing through sharing - Engineering Managers & Co-development"

Lyline worked eleven years as an embedded software engineer in image processing. Passionated by communication and work organization she joined Algolia as an Engineering Program Manager. She now works on transverse programs aiming at continuously improving the engineering organization in terms of collaboration, engagement and operation.

During this TechLunch Lyline will give a talk about how engineering managers grow through sharing their challenges, experiences and advices during regular co-development sessions.

This peer-coaching framework has been experienced for 3 months now and shows a high level of Return On Time Invested among our managers. After this talk you’ll be able to launch the same program in your own company. Let’s grow!

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