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TechBreak #1 - Product Testing - Pendo, AB Tasty, Algolia

Recording of TechBreak - Product Testing, April 23rd, 2020

You want to hear about what’s the life cycle of developing a new feature in each of our companies? How do we collect feedback and how do we explore new topics? Watch this video and learn from our experts on product testing.

This panel was be led by Lucas Cerdan (Lead Product Manager at Algolia). Lucas was the first product manager at Algolia and has been working in product for 8+ years. He’s also the co-founder of La Product Conference, the largest events for product managers in Paris & Madrid. Here are our panelists:

* Marine Dias – User Researcher – Algolia Marine has been a user researcher for more than 4 years now and helps Algolia product team build better products turning users’ feedback into actionable knowledge. She is also taking care of the mentorship program of the Hexagon UX Paris community and is involved in the ResearchOps community

* Grady Slane – Product Manager – Pendo Grady Slane is a Group Product Manager at Pendo, where he oversees Pendo’s Enterprise product strategy. Prior to joining Pendo, Grady helped shape the Workspace strategy and shift to SaaS at Citrix Systems. Grady has worked in product since 2012, and is passionate about uncovering market opportunities and identifying the hidden needs of customers that drive their purchasing decisions.

* Gerardo Hernández – Product Marketing Manager – AB Tasty For the last four years, Gerardo has been helping tech startups expand their reach and tell better stories. As a member of the product marketing team at AB Tasty, Gerardo acts as an advocate for customers throughout the product development and go-to-market process.

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