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Live Coding Session - Advanced Search with Laravel and Algolia by Nuno Maduro

If you're interested in having a highly relevant search experience on your website, you're in luck. In this Livestream, Nuno Maduro, an employee of Algolia, will show you how to build a search experience that your users will love.

Together, we'll build a Laravel application from scratch, and use Laravel Scout as a starting point to cover all necessary installation steps, from indexing your models to searching.

Then, you'll get a taste of Algolia's unique features with its Scout Extended, such as zero-downtime reimports and site-wide search among multiple models with Aggregators.

Finally, we are going to drive the brand new InstantSearch, building a find-as-you-type blazing-fast search experience. Sounds cool? Let's get started.

Try out Algolia here!

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